Thorsten Kröller, Head of Plastics Additives Business Line BYK-Chemie

Targeted Expansion of the Business Segment
It is a small firm but it makes life easier even for large plastics processors: The Dutch company Addcomp develops and manufactures innovative additive solutions for thermoplastic materials, plastics that can be molded into different forms using heat. Since July 2016, the company headquartered in Nijverdal, the Netherlands, with another production site in the U.S., has belonged to ALTANA’s BYK division.

“The acquisition of Addcomp strengthens BYK’s plastic additives segment twofold,” says Thorsten Kröller. The head of the business line accompanied the acquisition from the very beginning. For one thing, BYK can now offer its customers an even wider spectrum of applications from one source. Many of the purchasers are on the two manufacturers’ customer lists to begin with. Addcomp’s products improve the properties of nearly all thermoplastic materials, which are used primarily in the automotive industry, the construction industry, and the packaging sector. They ensure, for example, comprehensive flame protection for carpet fibers, high UV resistance, say, of seats in soccer stadiums, and high heat resistance, which is indispensable for some plastic components in the automotive sector.

In addition, BYK has acquired a sophisticated technology. The ALTANA division develops additives many of which can only be used to a limited extent in some plastics applications due to their liquid form. With the method developed by Addcomp, now liquid and powder, low-melting and sticky products can be transformed into a solid granulate that is easier for customers to process. That expands its use in the thermoplastic segment. Furthermore, Addcomp’s plants can process existing BYK additives even more precisely. Experts call this compounding. For the more unique the customer’s product or manufacturing process is, the better an additive has to be tailored to its requirements.

Profits Slated for Investment in the Future
The acquisition shows once again how ALTANA defines its consistent growth strategy. The company’s ongoing aim is to maintain and extend its leading position in attractive specialty chemicals markets. Therefore, ALTANA is investing in the future – not only in its own research and development or in new manufacturing facilities, but also in companies that complement its existing product portfolio or expand its expertise. “We continually have our eyes on the current market development, on technological progress, and above all on the requirements of our customers,” says Thorsten Kröller. “When we see that we need to supplement our portfolio, we do so."

The acquisition also opens up excellent development perspectives for Addcomp. The company will benefit from the global structures of the financially strong ALTANA Group, for example from its broad-based research and development, application technology, and worldwide sales network. The bundling of BYK’s chemistry and product competence with Addcomp’s technological knowhow will lead to completely new additives for customers around the world.

The transition is running smoothly. Thorsten Kröller and the managing director of the Dutch sister company BYKCera will integrate the new acquisition into BYK’s structures. Right after the contract was signed, BYK’s management called a staff meeting for the new colleagues. What they had to say motivated the new BYK employees: The companies that ALTANA acquires are in excellent shape usually within just a few years.

Thorsten Kröller, the head of BYK’s plastics additives business line, was involved in the negotiations with Addcomp from the very outset. It was the third acquisition for the longtime BYK staff member. Yet each one places its own requirements, says Kröller. In this case, the proximity of the Dutch ALTANA company BYK-Cera to Addcomp facilitated the talks with the acquisition candidate. Together with BYK-Cera’s managing director, Dr. Wim de Blok, Kröller became the interim head of Addcomp until it is completely integrated in the BYK division.


ALTANA consistently gears itself to sustainable and profitable growth. It achieves this among other things by investing in innovative technologies and applications with great benefits for customers. The Companies it acquires also benefit because they can develop their potential better within the globally oriented structure. An example is Addcomp, a Dutch developer and manufacturer of innovative plastics additive solutions. The company, which is being integrated into the BYK division, adds new application fields to the existing offer.