ALTANA consistently concentrates on achieving sustainable , profitable growth. This includes expanding our offer of environmentally friendly specialty chemical solutions through targeted acquisitions.

Finishing with Water and UV Light

Folding boxes for consumer goods as well as catalogs and magazines remain attractive due to overprint varnishes and effect coatings. ACTEGA provides particularly environmentally friendly coatings for product finishing. They are water based or dry in split seconds under ultraviolet light. Thanks to these methods, ACTEGA effect coatings consume less energy during processing.


“Our sustainability- and innovation-oriented portfolio convinces our customers,” says Dr. Roland Peter, President Division ACTEGA. As a result, the division has an excellent position on the European and North American markets. “By making two targeted acquisitions, we systematically expanded our offer last year within the framework of our defined growth strategy,” says the division president. “This has brought our customers numerous advantages.”


In August 2013, ALTANA acquired the specialty coatings business of Henkel, including effect coatings and overprint varnishes that harden under UV and electron radiation. The coatings, known under the brand names Miracure and Mirafoil, offer environmentally compatible, cost-cutting alternatives to hot foil stamping without losing gloss.


Since very precise visual effects can be achieved with them, they also reduce the amount of waste of our customers – another ecological advantage. The North American markets particularly appreciate these coatings, and our subsidiary ACTEGA Kelstar continues to sell them there under the established brand names.


In October, the water-based and UV overprint varnishes of Valspar were added to the division’s portfolio. Since then, ACTEGA Terra has marketed them primarily in Europe. “With this business we took over highly innovative, sustainable technologies that complement our range and expand our knowhow,” says Dr. Peter. Thanks to these additions, the division has considerably improved its profile in France, Russia, and Poland. In those countries, too, our customers now have access to additional individualized product solutions.

Strategic Growth

Our Corporate Development / Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) department plans, prepares, and implements suitable acquisitions. It continually analyzes developments on the international markets to identify the right businesses. “In the process, it is important to perform a thorough analysis of the candidates regarding various factors,” says M&A manager Carina Pack. “They should fit our business strategy to a tee.”


The business should also strengthen our sustainability profile. Additionally, it has to open up new technological perspectives and new regions for ALTANA. For only then can it open new doors in the market and thus ensure sustainable, profitable growth.